Thursday, March 25, 2010

GAMBIA / Gambie

D1 Gull and clouds, from a 1999 sheet of 12 showing marine life. This small country relies heavily on fishing, both from the freshwater river at the heart of its territory, as well as from its seacoast.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

CONGO (Dem. Rep.) / Congo R.D.C.

25 fr: Gloriosa or Flame Lily and 50 fr: Awarthia cooperi, from a 2001 Issue showing Congolese flora

CONGO (Dem. Rep.) / Congo R.D.C.

195 fr, 350 fr: President Joseph Kabila with flag of Dem. Rep. of Congo behind him, in this 2002 issue. Mr. Kabila secured victory in national elections in 2006 after serving as interim president following the assassination of his father in 2001. Many African countries, unlike the USA, prints stamps depicting rulers while they are still in office.

CONGO (Dem. Rep.) / Congo R.D.C.

3 fr: The solitary, nocturnal Ground Pangolin is shown in this issue and is one of the four pangolin species that inhabit Sub-Saharan Africa in a variety of habitats from savannah to deep forest.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

ALGERIA / Algerie

20,00 Map of regions of Algeria, commemorating the 50th anniv. of the Congress of Soummam (2006)

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