Sunday, February 28, 2010


200fr Aquarium Fish 1999: Red-tailed Black Shark, a species native to the Chao Phrya basin of Thailand and thought to be extinct in the wild, is nonetheless still a popular aquarium species


P4.90 the Brown-hooded Kingfisher (2007) occurs throughout thick woodlands and along streams in Central and Southern Africa, taking insects, lizards, crabs and rodents as prey.


D6.50 Flags and mosque: Intifadat'al Aqsa (2002)
I would be interested in hearing from anyone who has background on this recent issue

Sunday, February 14, 2010


7500 PG: 50th Anniv. of United Nations, 1995 (with flag of Guinea-Bissau and UN emblem). Recently, this country changed its currency from the peso (see stamp below) to the West Africa (CFA) franc for greater monetary union with neighboring francophone states such as Senegal.


30.00 pesos World Cup Soccer 1978 -- though this small lusophone country in W. Africa has never qualified for the World Cup finals, it has issued long sets to commemorate the games

GUINEA / Guinee

100 fr. g. Death of Pope Jean Paul II, 2004 issue. This is from a long set with various scenes from JPII's reign as pontiff.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

IVORY COAST / Cote d'Ivoire

50f Mask of the Wambele or "Sorcerers Society" in a procession scene, issued in 2000. This mask is typical of the Senufo ethnic group of N. Cote d'Ivoire and S. Mali. The mask pictured is intricately carved on two sides, showing open animal mouths, possibly crocodiles, though the painted spots would suggest leopards. (Click on stamp to enlarge the image)


20f, 50f: Struggle against Erosion: this 1982 series highlights a critical problem facing modern Rwanda -- high population density and a largely agricultural economic base have meant that crops are now planted on most accessible land in this hilly nation. Erosion is a constant threat, and dikes and terraces, pictured here are two measure which aim to mitigate soil loss.

MAURITIUS / Ile Maurice

R2 Ecology: this stamp shows the Common Mynah, an Asian bird not native to Mauritius, but which was introduced in 1763 by the French to control a Red Locust infestation. Introduced species often bring unintended consequences on islands such as the decline, displacement or extinction of native species through competition.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


10 fr: from a 1982 issue for the 20th Anniv. of Independence, with former flag and head of state. Rwanda changed its flag design after the 1994 genocide, and is now blue and yellow, with a rising sun.


5 fr: Oribi antelope; issued 1991: this slender antelope has a wide range in grasslands throughout Sub-Saharan Africa, and can be found from Senegal to Ethiopia, south to the Cape of South Africa

SOUTH AFRICA / Afrique de Sud

Non-denominated (Airmail Small letter rate): from a strip showing native birds, here the Blue or Stanley Crane in flight, issued in 2008

SOUTH AFRICA / Afrique de Sud

Non-denominated Airmail Postcard stamps: the entire set shows the "big five" here you can see the white rhino and lion. Issued 2008.


Z$16.00 Legend of the bush fowl who wakes the sun. This issue shows the importance of tales and legends in African lore, with a depiction of the sun being roused by a wild bird. This issue, from 2001, appeared before hyperinflation which has since rendered the Z$ worthless.

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